SRSLY What Do We Do?!

SRSLY Photobooth brings awesome fun to your event

.. and some serious stomach cramps (from laughter!)


We love what we do, and you'll SRSLY love what we can do for you!


SRSLY Planning for an awesome event?!



Corporate Events

Media/Product Launches

Private Events

Birthday Parties

School Events

Gala Dinners

Special Occasions

Surprise Events (i.e. Proposal/Engagement parties, Homecoming surprise)

Have a different type of event in mind? We’d SRSLY love to be there!

SRSLY ALL Our Photobooth Packages Include:

SRSLY UNLIMITED Prints of 2R / 4R / 5R / Filmstrip Photographs

Unlimited prints, unlimited fun!

SRSLY Premium Professional Photo Taking Equipment

You & your guests will look SRSLY good for your amazing photobooth experience! 

SRSLY Awesome Photobooth-Ambassadors with on-site Music

Because laughter and fun music are contagious, we have dedicated ambassadors to help create unforgettable photographs!

SRSLY Fast & High Quality Instant Prints (6.8 sec/photo per printer)

We support up to 3 printers at your event! Overkill? Sure!

SRSLY Wide Selection of Backdrops & Props 

Select from our ever-growing inventory of backdrops, with customizable props manufactured exclusively for your event! 

SRSLY Customizable Photoborders & Print Overlays

We’ll help design and create a beautiful photoborder & overlay for your your special event, suited to your style & your preference! 

SRSLY Cutomizable Photo Filters & Special Effects

B&W, Sepia, Vintage, Soft Skin Filter etc, you name it!  

SRSLY Live Instant Uploads to Social Media Platforms

Upload your Photobooth images onto your personal or corporate social media instantly during your event! Your guests can view, like, tag, comment and share the photos live during your event!

SRSLY Instant / Live Slideshow & Projection

Why limit the fun to the booth? Our live slideshow services projects photos from the booth instantaneously onto your venue’s screens and projectors  for a truly live and interactive experience. This never fails to invoke smiles, laughter and awes with your guests!

SRSLY Convenient Online Gallery

View your precious Photobooth images on our online gallery!

Have Some SRSLY Wild Ideas for Your Event?

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